Preparing for Laser Removal

Preparation_tattoo_blog_july09.JPG There are things that a person should know to prepare themselves for laser tattoo removal before going into their first appointment. Research is key for patients to feel comfortable with their doctor and the procedure. There are different forms of tattoo removal, each with their own costs and risks. If choosing laser tattoo removal, be sure to assess your own tattoo prior to beginning treatment. Darker colors, larger sizes, and thicker designs may require more sessions with laser treatment. Before starting the treatment process, be sure to know your own tolerance for pain. If you thought the pain getting your original tattoo was unbearable, you should be prepared to experience the same level of pain with removal. Although some describe the pain as less severe, be aware that the first session will probably cause you discomfort. Lastly, be sure to assess your budget and schedule prior to committing to the procedure. Dependent upon your tattoo, many treatments may be needed to fully remove the ink. Also, patients are usually told to wait 4-6 weeks between treatments. Tattoos will not be removed in a week and patients need to schedule accordingly.
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