One Cause of Tattoo Removal Investigated

There are many reasons that someone might take an interest in the idea of getting laser tattoo removal. The majority of these reasons are highly personal reasons - changes in the individual's life cause the person to change his or her mind about the tattoo. However, there are some cases in which tattoo removal is desired because of external reasons such as when a tattoo artist puts a bad design on the body. That's precisely what has been happening in one town in Minnesota. People have been reporting that one tattoo artist in particular has been guilty of putting a lot of bad tattoos out there. Problems range from tattoos that get infected to tattoos of names that are misspelled. Some of these problems are minimal and go away after a couple of days. But there have been many cases in which the individuals involved have immediately wanted tattoo removal or tattoo cover-ups in order to get rid of the problem caused by the bad tattoo artist. The city is looking in to the case in order to stop this problem from spreading. All of the tattoo shops in this particular city are going to be under review to make sure that they are up to city codes. Hopefully that will help to prevent some of the need for tattoo removal in the area. After all, it's one thing to change your mind about your body art over time but it's another thing entirely to hate your tattoo as soon as you get it! Question of the Day: Should the tattoo artist that gives a bad tattoo be responsible for covering the fees associated with any tattoo removal that results? photo link
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