Non-Profit Tattoo Removal Struggles in Recession

There are many tattoo removal programs available around the nation for people who need assistance with getting their tattoos removed. In most cases, these programs are for young adults who are seeking tattoo removal for tattoos affiliated with gangs and other lives of crime. The tattoo removal is a part of the rehabilitation for the young adult and serves to give them a leg up in areas of life such as getting a job. Unfortunately, these tattoo removal programs are facing difficulties with maintaining their services in the face of economic downturn. For example, the Hayward Youth Center is struggling to keep itself in operation after several problems have caused a financial crunch there. One of the problems was a gas leak at the center that disrupted a number of the center's programs including their tattoo removal program. As financial difficulties worsen for non-profit organization, tattoo removal services could see a rapid decline. In the midst of the need for more immediate services, such as drug rehabilitation, there just may be no room in the budget for services such as this which provide long-term solutions for young adults. Question of the Day: What should be done about the cutting of tattoo removal programs from non-profit budgets? photo link
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