Nip/Tuck Should Consider Showing Celebrity Tattoo Removal

Nip/Tuck is a plastic surgery television show that is going downhill fast. In it's fifth season, it's going to need to do something interesting to recapture the attention of viewers. That viewership has been fading as surely as tattoos do under the tattoo removal process and it's going to completely disappear if the show doesn't perk up. It moved to a new setting this season, from Miami to Los Angeles, so many viewers are hoping to see a focus on celebrity plastic surgery to represent the new locale. One topic that Nip/Tuck could consider for developing the show a little bit more would be to show celebrity tattoo removal. Celebrity tattoo removal is getting increasingly popular, and it's a trend that more and more people are interested in. If Nip/Tuck could take advantage of the relative newness of this interest, it might be able to grab on to a few more viewers at this crucial time early in the season. Of course, showing some celebrity tattoo removal isn't going to make the show a success. But it could be a great start to getting it back on track. If they could get an actual tattooed celebrity to make a guest appearance on the show, the results would be even better. But this trend is rapidly getting the attention of people across the nation so they'd better jump on it quick if they want to be innovative in their approach.

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