Mariah Carey Says She'll Never Need Tattoo Removal

Anyone who follows this blog regularly knows that the biggest cause of tattoo regret (and therefore for tattoo removal) is the tattoo which represents a relationship that later ends. Mariah Carey has joined the ranks of people who have made this mistake by getting wedding tattoos with her new hubby Nick Cannon. However, she insists that they're going to beat the odds and want these tattoos to last forever. The couple was secretive about their marriage because they didn't want the press swarming all over the event. However, they got wedding tattoos a few weeks before the actual wedding so their close friends had some idea of what was going on. They have finally spoken about the wedding and are even discussing the fact that they're planning to begin working on a family. Hopefully everything will work out for this couple. If not, they're going to be another set on the list of names for people who have needed tattoo removal after a divorce. Learn about the relationship and wedding here. Question of the Day: Do wedding tattoos jinx a couple's chances of lasting? photo link
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