Male vs. Female Tattoo Removal Doctors

Imagine that you have a tattoo that you have been dying to get rid of. Let's say that you have saved up enough money to get laser tattoo removal and you are ready to select a tattoo removal doctor to do this kind of job for you. Would it matter to you if your tattoo removal specialist was male or female or would gender not be an important issue for a tattoo removal doctor? Some people find that tattoo removal is such a personal experience for them that they would prefer that their doctor be a specific gender. For example, a woman who is getting a tattoo removed because it's of the name of an abusive ex may feel more comfortable getting it removed by a tattoo removal specialist who is female. However, most people don't really care about the gender of their tattoo removal specialist. Although the choice to get laser tattoo removal is very personal, the actual act of getting it isn't considered to be so private by most people that they would feel the need to select a doctor of the gender with which they are more comfortable. Question of the Day: Does gender matter when hiring a tattoo removal specialist? photo link
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