Mainstream Public Unaware of Tattoo Removal Prevalence

There was an article in an online London newspaper last week that briefly mentioned what the author saw as an incongruence in the advertising of one business. The article reads:
"SPOTTED in the window of a beauty salon in Maidstone: balloons to remind you it's Mother's Day this Sunday, directly underneath an advertisement for tattoo removal. Just what every mother wants." (source)
The suggestion is that mothers aren't likely candidates for tattoo removal but that's not actually true at all. Many mothers got tattoos back in their younger days which they feel no longer suit the way that they see themselves. Other mothers have returned to a professional work setting where their tattoos hinder upward mobility. These women are women who may not only benefit from, but actively seek out, laser tattoo removal. Tattoos are on people of all walks of life these days. And just as many diverse types of people might be interested in getting laser tattoo removal for one reason or another. Whether or not its appropriate to give tattoo removal as a gift to your mom really depends on her, your relationship and the situation ... not just on the fact that she's a mom with a tattoo. Question of the Day: Do you know a mom that wants laser tattoo removal? photo link
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