Laser Tattoo Removal and Teen Tattoos

Tattoos are now part of the mainstream and this means that everyone is getting them. That group of people with tats includes a high number of teens. Despite that it's no longer a form of serious rebellion, many teens get tattoos knowing that their parents won't particularly approve. And it's possible that parents are allowing this as a form of "acting out" that they know doesn't really harm the teen. Because laser tattoo removal now makes it possible to get rid of the art once it's on, many parents are recognizing that this could be a way for teens to engage in self-expression that doesn't have to mar them for the rest of their lives. Smart parents may act outraged at the tattoo but be glad in their hearts that their kid is using body art - instead of drugs or crime - to rebel against authority. One of the major reasons that parents have traditionally been opposed to tattoos for teens is that they feel like their kids will regret the decision. These days, tattoo regret is something that can be remedied. Parents who believe that the tattoo is a passing phase - like dyed hair or an affection for fishnets - can comfortably accept that their kid can get through the phase and move on if they want to down the line. Question of the Day: Does the option of laser tattoo removal make you more inclined to let your teen get a tat? photo link
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