LA Reverend Fights Gang Violence with Tattoo Removal

Reverend Gregory Boyle, better known as Father "G" by the young men he works with, is combating gang violence one tattoo at a time. Father "G" is a gang intervention specialist based in Los Angeles who founded Homeboy Industries. The company provides reformed gang members with legal aid, drug rehab and counseling as well as help while transitioning away from gangs. One of Rev. Boyle's primary objectives is to isolate the young men from their gang – and in doing so he has been providing them with free tattoo removals for their gang related body ink. Father "G" stresses the importance of tattoo removal, insisting that it aids in employment efforts and furthering their association and distance from their gangs. Tattoo removal is performed more than 250 times a month at no fee for the men. Considering tattoo removal treatments may take 8-10 sessions at a high cost, Father "G" and Homeboy Industries are definitely investing a lot of money in the men. If you are interested in inquiring with a professional about tattoo removal go to

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