Insights From a Tattoo Removal Specialist

Laser tattoo removal is a topic that is getting more and more attention from the mainstream media these days. In keeping with that, the Chicago Sun-Times has published an interview with a tattoo removal specialist from the area. Here are some of the insights that were offered by this professional: - Over fifty percent of removed tattoos were probably originally obtained as the result of making a poor tattoo choice while drinking alcohol. - A large percentage of soon-to-be-brides come in to tattoo removal specialists to get ink removed before starting their new lives as married women. - There are an inordinate number of dolphin tattoos that get removed. The specialist wasn't sure why although she made an assumption that these tattoos were obtained on Spring Break vacations. - Teens who get tattoos without their parents consent are often taken to a tattoo removal specialist and required by their parents to remove the ink. - A surprising number of people go to a tattoo removal specialist immediately following the tattoo; they get the tattoo and come to get it removed the next day out of immediate regret. Question of the Day: What other insights could a tattoo removal doctor provide? photo link
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