Impossible to Remove: Eyeball Tattoo

A man nicknamed Pauly Unstoppable has gotten one of those tattoos that is never going to be able to benefit from laser tattoo removal. He's become the first man to ever get his eyeball tattooed. It's just one of the many, many, many modications that he's gotten done to his body over the years. Since Pauly Unstoppable is such a fan of body art, it's not too likely that he'd be seeking out tattoo removal anyway. If he does, he's got more than eighteen tattoos to consider removing. He's also got scarification, implants, piercings and more so it's not like he can't make some changes if he decides that he doesn't like the way that he looks. The tattoo required forty injections to be completed. You can watch a video of one of those injections below: Question of the Day: Do you think that this guy is ever going to suffer from tattoo regret? photo link
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