Important Gang Tattoo Removal Program Resumes

Laser tattoo removal is a fairly new topic of conversation in the mainstream media but that doesn't mean that it just began in the last year or two. In fact, there were gang tattoo removal programs in place more than a decade ago. One of the most successful of those tattoo removal programs had to shut down in 2004 after the laser tattoo removal equipment used to get rid of gang tattoos as part of criminal rehabilitation broke down from over-use. The rehabilitation group that was involved with removing the tattoos has now been able to raise the funds necessary to purchase a new laser tattoo removal machine and will begin resuming its program. This is considered to be an important achievement in the California city where the program is located. The gang problem there is bad and it has been show that laser tattoo removal of gang tattoos can help lead to successful rehabilitation of gang criminals. Learn more about the resurrection of this laser tattoo removal service from this recent newspaper article. Question of the Day: How important is it that money was raised to re-launch this laser tattoo removal program designed to rehabilitate gang members? photo link
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