Hannah Montana Star Adds Her Name To A List of Tattoos that Might Get Removed One Day

Famous pop artist Andy Warhol is well-quoted as for talking about everyone's fifteen minutes of fame. In the era of YouTube, Warhol seems to be right. And in order to stand out from the crowd, you have to develop a niche area that gets you noticed. For Melissa Burech, the niche is celebrity autograph tattoos. She has made the news more than once because of her eccentric choice in being a celebrity star hunter. She tracks down celebrities and asks them to sign her body so that she can go to the tattoo shop and get the signatures inked on. The most recent name that she got was Miley Cyrus. Unless you're a teenage girl, you might not know who this Hannah Montana television star is. But apparently Melissa can pick her out of a crowd. The young actress signed her name to the growing list of celebrities on Melissa's body so that it could be on permanent display. Melissa seems to love her tattoos right now. And she's well-immersed in her personal fifteen minutes as a result of them. But it's hard to believe that she's always going to want to keep these names on her body. And it's predicted that laser tattoo removal is in her future at some later date. Question of the Day: Which celebrity signature would you get tattooed on your body if you knew it couldn't ever be removed? photo link
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