Gang Tattoo Removal Spreads Across Nation

Tattoo removal programs designed to rehabilitate gang members have been around for the past couple of years. However, they haven't been prevalent until now. In the past, lack of funding and a lack of proof that tattoo removal is a succesful rehabilitation service combined to keep the number of these programs low. But now people are starting to realize that removing gang tattoos can help release these people from the grip of the past and they're willing to foot the bill to make these programs work. In just a few days, there were reports from three different states across the nation about tattoo removal programs that were being used for this purpose:
- In California, there was discussion of how to curb crime in Long Beach. The article noted that nearly $30 million is spent annually by the city on rehabilitative programs including tattoo removal programs.
-In Maryland, one county is seeking funding from the federal government to set up a center for at-risk teens which would provide a variety of different mental health and rehabilitation services including tattoo removal.
-In Idaho, a former gang member who knows the problem inside and out has started a youth ministry with services that include tattoo removal.
And these are just a smattering of the nationwide programs that are starting to adopt tattoo removal as a serious part of rehabilitation for gangs. Question of the Day: Where else have you see gang tattoo removal? photo link
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