Gang Tattoo Removal is a Risky Business

One of the most common types of laser tattoo removal that takes place today is non-profit tattoo removal designed to play a key role in the rehabilitation of former gang members. Gang tattoos symbolize a life of crime and give clear indications to other gang members which makes it difficult to move beyond the gang life if you still have the tattoos. Tattoo removal may help these individuals to remove some of the external pressure related to gang life and to move forward with lives that are crime-free. However, gang tattoo removal is not without its risks. Gangs do not like to see their members straying from this former life and therefore they are opposed to the removal of gang-affiliated tattoos. Those non-profit organizations that are assisting people to get tattoo removal may take care to remain private and under-the-radar in order to avoid retribution from the gangs. For example, a Santa Rosa gang tattoo removal program called Clean Slate actively strives to keep much of its business a secret. It does not release the location of tattoo removal services and it does not release the names of those former gang members who are involved in getting laser tattoo removal. This secrecy is designed to protect everyone involved in the removal of gang tattoos from trouble caused by angry gang members. Question of the Day: How risky is it to get gang tattoo removal and / or to provide gang tattoo removal services? photo link
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