Gang Tattoo Removal Documentary Stopped in Tracks

Gang tattoo removal is one of the most common types of laser tattoo removal that there is. It's also one that may be of the most importance. Removal of gang tattoos can help an individual get truly rehabilitated and leave behind the life of crime that they are trying to escape. That's why there are so many gang tattoo removal programs across the nation. One filmmaker saw the importance of this topic and planned to do a documentary on gang tattoo removal. The documentary was going to be a film about one gang member's experience of going through gang tattoo removal. This would have provided amazing insight into the purpose and power of this type of tattoo removal. Unfortunately, this documentary didn't pan out as planned. Before the gang member could go through the process of rehabilitation which included gang tattoo removal, he made some errors in his life and ended up back in prison. The filmmaker ended up making a completely different type of documentary unrelated to the topics of gangs or tattoo removal. The new documentary sounds like a really moving story (you can learn about it here) but it's sad to know that a really important film about an interesting type of laser tattoo removal failed to be made because of the circumstances surrounding the filming. Question of the Day: Is laser tattoo removal a good topic for a documentary? photo link
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