Gang Reduction Task Force Discusses Tattoo Removal

A gang reduction task force has come together in Florida to do everything that it can to prevent gang activity in the area. The task force addresses both juvenile and adult gang members and has been discussing ways of both preventing gang trouble and rehabilitating offenders. One of the methods of rehabilitation that has been discussed by this gang reduction task force is the use of laser tattoo removal to get rid of gang tattoos on those people convicted of a crime. It is believed that this type of tattoo removal makes it more likely that the offender will be able to be successfully rehabilitated. Gang tattoo removal is an increasingly common part of the rehabilitation process for programs all across the nation. It isn't the type of tattoo removal that we hear about most often but it may be one of the best tattoo removal areas in terms of the benefit to society. Question of the Day: Does gang tattoo removal benefit your community? photo link
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