Frightening People About the Permanency of Tattoos

Would you be deterred from getting a tattoo if you're tattoo artist had an "emergency tattoo removal kit" on display, a kit which consisted of cheese graters and a potato peeler? That's the prop that makes light of tattoo removal in the shop of tattoo artist Eddie Snyder who was recently profiled as an artist in an online news article. Some people would find this to be funny. Others might take to heart the fact that getting a tattoo is an important decision. Of course, tattoo removal doesn't really consist of scraping the tattoo off of the skin. And laser tattoo removal is making it easier for people to get their art removed without any problems. But it's something to think about when you go get those tattoos. Learn more about the work of tattoo artist Eddie Snyder from The Shreveport Times. Question of the Day: Do you wish that someone had scared you away from getting any of your tattoos? photo link
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