Don't Try This Tattoo Removal At Home!

Hopefully you have the good common sense not to try and do your own tattoo removal. In case you don't, there's a disclaimer about it on a recent post about extreme DIY tattoo removal that was published over at Off Beat Ink. (Get all of the details from them here.) Basically, they show that an aggressive at-home approach to tattoo removal would be filled with blood and pain. There are many good reasons not to do your own tattoo removal. First of all, you don't know what you're doing and could do serious damage to your body. Secondly, you could do minor damage such as causing an infection. And another good reason not to do your own tattoo removal is that it probably isn't going to work; you're still going to need to go to a professional to get your tattoo removed. Interestingly, these same reasons for not trying "do-it-yourself" tattoo removal are the reasons that you wouldn't want to go to a bad tattoo removal doctor. Someone who isn't qualified to do your tattoo removal is probably going to cause you excess pain and put you at risk of infection. A bad doctor also increases the likelihood that the tattoo removal will be unsuccessful. Sure, it's not going to be as bad as the DIY method done at home. But it's not going to be good either. Tattoo removal is a serious process. As it becomes more mainstream, it becomes increasingly important that you find a doctor who has the qualifications necessary to do it right. Otherwise you could end up a mess! Question of the Day: What criteria would you use to determine if a tattoo removal specialist was qualified? photo link
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