Doctor with Suspended License Guilty of Tattoo Removal

The Enquirer out of Cincinnati recently reported on the case of a doctor with a suspended license who was caught practicing medicine. One of the major procedures that he was found guilty of providing during the time that he was practicing without a license was tattoo removal. This serves as a reminder that you should take the time to do a basic background check on your doctors, including tattoo removal specialists, before you make an appointment to have work done. The reason that the doctor was suspended was because he was accused of having a drug problem. It is unclear whether or not he really did have a drug problem but he refused to take a drug test that the medical board required so his guilt seems implicit. Additionally, he admitted to illegally obtaining pain medication drugs for personal use. In addition to his own guilt, this doctor was guilty of allowing someone else to use his office to practice medical procedures without a license. Again, tattoo removal was one of the major things that they were doing. Although there were no complaints filed by dissatisfied clients, the fact that these people were doing tattoo removal without the proper licensure is of concern. Make sure that you remain a smart consumer by carefully checking out the doctors that are doing your tattoo removal. Check our network to find a qualified doctor located in your area. Question of the Day: Would you be upset if you found out that your tattoo removal doctor had been practicing with a suspended license?

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