David Beckham: A Tattoo More Expensive than Tattoo Removal

One of the things that you always hear about tattoo removal is that it is pricey in comparison with the cost of getting a tattoo. The basic reason for that is that a tattoo can be put on fairly quickly which reduces labor costs in comparison with laser tattoo removal which requires multiple procedures and can be very time-intensive. So it's true that in most cases, the cost of laser tattoo removal is going to be higher than the initial cost of getting the tattoo. However, it would be hard to think that might be the case for the new tattoo that David Beckham is getting. Reportedly, he's dropping over $5000 on the new body art that he's getting done. That's a big chunk of change but it's due to the fact that the tattoo of a "bare-breasted angel who looks like his wife" is probably going to take a decent chunk of time and skill to complete successfully. (source) Let's hope that Beckham isn't wrong about his relationship. One of the biggest mistakes that people make when it comes to tattoos is getting the names, images or symbolic representations of their partners put on their bodies. It's just all too common for the ink to linger far longer than the flames of the romance do and then you're left needing to get tattoo removal after the break-up. Question of the Day: Do you think it would still cost more for tattoo removal in this case than it does to get the tattoo? photo link
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