Clean Slate Program

In a state plagued with gang violence, California is taking legal imitative to fight gang violence. In doing so, San Jose County is enforcing a law that offers gang-members a chance to get rid of their gang-related tattoos. The law is called the Clean Slate Program. The program allows men and women between 14-25 whom are affiliated with a gang an opportunity for a 'clean slate.' The program is headed by the Mayor and his gang task force, is offering these people free tattoo removal treatments. During this past year many cities and prisons have been enforcing rules much like this Clean Slate Program. In order to remove people from their affiliated gangs, one of the first steps is to get rid of their gang-promoting tattoos. Just last week police in New Jersey were told to remove or hide their visible tattoos, because residents were concerned it was promoting and mimicking that of nearby gangs. Photolink
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