Christmas Charity: Tattoo Removal

Merry Christmas! This time of year is about many different things. It's about celebrating life with your friends and family. It's about creating excitement and magic by giving gifts to children and going caroling. It's about reflecting on the changes that happened throughout the year and making steps forward for the year to come. And it's about giving. If you're like many people in the nation, this time of year opens up your heart and makes you want to give to the community around you. For this reason, you might be interested in donating money to a charity that has a cause you believe in. Have you considered making a tattoo removal organization the recipient of your monetary gift? Yes, many people get tattoo removal (especially celebrity tattoo removal) for cosmetic reasons. But that's not the only purpose that tattoo removal has. For some people, laser tattoo removal can actually get rid of the past in a way that lets the individual move forward into a new life. The most common place we see this is in charities that work with ex-cons and former gang members. These individuals may have gotten tattoos in prison or in gangs which are now preventing them from moving beyond that life. Despite all of their rehabilitation, they can't get a job and benefit society because their potential employers can't see beyond the ink. There are many different charities out there that are assisting ex-cons and former gang members with tattoo removal. Examples include those listed by the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation but there are places all over the nation doing similar work. If you're interested in giving this holiday season, check out your own community to see if there's a place that could use your help to help others erase the past. Christmas is about many things and one of those things is giving back to the community around you. Question of the Day: Do you believe that laser tattoo removal assists former gang members in making important life changes?

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