Celebrity Tattoo Rings

Beyonce Knowles told People Magazine today about her clandestine wedding to beau Jay Z. She revealed in her tell-all that they had a no-fuss, no-hassles wedding, including a no-ringed one. She and Jay Z instead got matching tattoos on their wedding fingers with the Roman Numeral 4. Representing Beyonce and Jay Z's respective December and September 4th birthdays, in addition to their April 4th wedding. The star-studded duo is paving the way for this new ink-fad. Many couples are lining up at tattoo parlors by the droves with hopes of getting these ring tattoos. Possibly thinking that tattoos are more permanent than a diamond ring. Regardless of their intentions the trend is growing among young lovers seeking a happily ever after. If till death do us part fails for Beyonce and Jay Z or any other tattoo-ringed pair, not to fret, tattoo removal can undue your I Dos. Just go to tattoohealth.org and find a tattoo removal clinic in your area.

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