Celebrity Tattoo Removal without the Lasers

We frequently hear about celebrity tattoo removal, a trend which is becoming even more common as Hollywood's stars hear about others in the industry getting it done. Whether it's because they want to get rid of a tattoo that reminds them of a bad five-minute romance or they simply want to erase the reminders of the past, today's celebrities are getting un-inked as often as they're getting the ink put on. But there remain some people in Hollywood who love their tattoos. Stars like Angelina Jolie and Megan Fox are known for their body art and don't have any plans to get any of their tats removed anytime soon. Despite this, they often have to find ways to cover up their ink when playing certain movie roles. E! Gossip recently took a look at how Hollywood's tattooed celebrities make it look like they got tattoo removal so that they can play a range of different movie parts. Some of these tips are good for the average person who hasn't yet committed to laser tattoo removal but needs to cover up the ink (say for family reunion photos). Movie make-up can do the trick until you can get a tattoo removed. Question of the Day: Would you use Hollywood's tricks for your own tattoo cover-ups? photo link
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