Celebrity Tattoo Removal Retrospective: Johnny Depp

Celebrity tattoo removal is increasingly popular as Hollywood's favorites begin to realize that they can remove the results of their whims without lasting damage to their often-photographed skin. However, it's not something that's new. Sometimes it's fun to take a look at the celebrities who have gotten tattoo removal in the past, when they felt it was necessary despite that it wasn't yet a trend. And one of the most famous cases of celebrity tattoo removal that is worth looking back on is the case of Johnny Depp. Back in the 1990's, Johnny Depp was engaged to actress Winona Ryder. Deciding to make the most common of celebrity tattoo mistakes, he tattooed her name on his body. More specifically, he tattooed "Winona Forever" on his arm. The engagement didn't turn into a marriage and Depp found himself suffering from tattoo regret. He kept the tattoo on his arm for about three years before deciding that he needed to rid himself of that bad reminder. Depp got laser tattoo removal to alter the tattoo so that it would read slightly differently. It wasn't too difficult to laser off just two of the letters from the tattoo. After the tattoo removal, he ended up with a "Wino Forever" tattoo on his arm. This tattoo is just one of a collection that Depp has adorning his body. Question of the Day: Which celebrity's tattoo removal would you like to learn more about? photo link

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