Celebrity Tattoo Removal: Pink

Rumors have been going around for some time now that Pink and her husband Carey Hart were likely to be splitting up. E! now reports that this is indeed the case. A snide comment in the article on the situation mentions that it probably wasn't a good idea to get lovey-dovey tattoos together. Pink had said back in 2006 that she wasn't going to be tattooing her husband's name anywhere on her body despite the fact that he'd gotten Pink tattooed on him. Her reasoning then was that she doesn't do names on her body for any reason. That may be so but both halves of this couple have "Tru Luv" tattooed on their wrists (source). When the marriage ends, this remains as a reminder that True doesn't really mean forever. It makes you start to wonder whether Pink will consider tattoo removal to rid her of this romantic past. Question of the Day: Did you predict the Pink / Hart breakup? photo link
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