Celebrity Tattoo Removal: Pamela Anderson

The celebrity tattoo removal rumor mill is churning again and what's floating to the top is the rumor that Pamela Anderson is considering getting tattoo removal. Reports say that she has realized that aging is going to do things to her body that aren't ideal and that the shape changes are ultimately going to cause her tattoos to look none-too-pretty. Instead of waiting until the shifting of her tattoos reveals her true age, Pamela Anderson is considering getting laser tattoo removal to get rid of those tattoos once and for all. We've suggested in the past that Pamela Anderson may want to consider celebrity tattoo removal. She once had a tattoo of the name "Tommy" which represented ex Tommy Lee. She changed the tattoo to "Mommy" and then changed it again to a barbed wire ring around her arm. All of those cover-ups created more of a mess than a pleasing design and it's a mess that could benefit from tattoo removal. It's not clear at this point whether Pamela is seeking to remove all of her tattoos are just those tattoos which are strategically placed in locations that are likely to stretch as Pam ages. What is clear is that she wants people to know that her tattoo removal is all about appearances and has nothing to do with her status as a mom. Question of the Day: Is it true that Pamela Anderson should get celebrity tattoo removal before she ages? photo link
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