Celebrity Tattoo Removal: Kelly Brannigan

Kelly Brannigan's face may look familiar although you might not quite be able to place where you've seen her. She's one of those celebrities that has appeared on television and is striking enough to have made an impression despite that you have only seen her in passing. The most likely place that you've noticed her is as a model on Deal or No Deal. If you had any reason to look at her closely, you might have noticed that she had a tattoo across her wrist. And if you looked even more closely, you'll see that Brannigan made the mistake that most frequently leads to celebrity tattoo removal. The tattoo is of her former fiancee's name (Patrick). And since the fiancee is now an ex, Kelly Brannigan has been getting laser tattoo removal to rid herself of his name.
Ms. Brannigan of "Deal or No Deal" said she was happy to see the name of her former fiancé fading from her wrist. She said she had learned an important lesson: "I'm not going to get a tattoo of another guy's name until I get married." (SOURCE)
Hopefully that's a marriage that lasts a lifetime. But if it's not, Brannigan can always rely on additional celebrity tattoo removal to help her erase her mistakes. Question of the Day: Any guesses as to what other tattoos Kelly Brannigan has on that body of hers? photo link
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