Celebrity Tattoo Removal: Kat Von D's Tire Treads

An interesting convergence of worlds is taking place this morning at a convention in Las Vegas. The setting is the 2007 SEMA show where people come together to learn all about the automotive industry. The world that is merging with this car-loving crowd is the world of celebrity tattoo artist Kat Von D. The actress from L.A. Ink is going to be on site to create a tattoo for the lucky winner of a Dunlop Tires contest. Although winning a contest for a new tattoo design by a tattoo artist as famous as Kat Von D is thrilling, it has a high likelihood of leading to a desire for laser tattoo removal in the near future. You see, it's precisely that kind of excitement that causes people to make choices about a tattoo that they wouldn't have otherwise made … and might not end up wanting in the end. They get stimulated by the excitement of all that's going on at the convention and decide to get a tattoo that commemorates the event. At first, this person will be thrilled, of course. They can show off to all of their friends and family that they have a Kat Von D tattoo on their bodies. But when the celebrity status fades away, they just might find that they want their tattoo to fade away as well. Luckily, laser tattoo removal is an option that they have. They can enjoy the convention, be thrilled with the win and remedy the error later if they select a tattoo that isn't too appealing. After all, who really wants to commemorate a trip to an auto industry convention? photo/poster link
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