Celebrity Tattoo Removal in Retrospect: Kathy Griffin

It's been more than a year since Kathy Griffin got celebrity tattoo removal. So why are we mentioning it now? There are two reasons. The first is that we know celebrity tattoo removal is hot right now and you want to know about every famous person who has ever had it done. And the second is because her tattoo removal points specifically to one of the main reasons that people (celebrities or not) get their tattoos removed. Kathy Griffin's tattoo was of something special. It wasn't the name of a sweetheart but it was something just as potent: a tattooed-on wedding band. When she divorced husband Matt Moline after just five years of marriage, it was fairly obvious that the ring had to go. You just can't keep a wedding ring on your finger after a divorce whether it slips off easily or not. Kathy Griffin's tattoo removal exemplifies one of the major reasons that people get their tattoos removed. Just last week we pointed out five celebrity couples who had gotten tattoos and then split. We're all about preventing unnecessary medical treatments so if you can have a little foresight and forego the tattooed-on wedding bands, you're better off. But if you can't, laser tattoo removal can do as much for you as it did for Griffin.

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