Celebrity Tattoo Removal: David Beckham

There are many things that people notice right off the bat about David Beckham (not the least of which is the stunning wife he's got at his side). As for most people with highly visible tattoos, his body ink is one of those things that people will immediately see when he is in their presence. David Beckham doesn't appear to have any tattoo regrets at the current time and isn't currently reported to be seeking celebrity tattoo removal. However, some suggest that there is going to come a time in his life when he is going to wish that he hadn't gotten all of those tattoos and is then going to want to get tattoo removal. This suggestion has been made in the past due in part to the fact that he has a tattoo of his wife, a mistake which many couples make and which often leads to tattoo removal of the relationship can't stand the test of time. However, the most recent news article suggesting that David Beckham is going to want laser tattoo removal seems to come from the author's own bad experience with tattoos. The author of this article had gotten forearm tattoos as a youngster that were regretted for years. The tattoos were ultimately removed but the resulting appearance is distressing to the individual who says that the whole experience of having the tattoos has caused significant "mental anguish". The author warns Beckham that he's probably going to feel the same way one day. Question of the Day: Will David Beckham suffer tattoo regret and ultimately seek out celebrity tattoo removal? photo link
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