Celebrity Tattoo Removal: Cher

Cher is an interesting icon to learn about because of the different cutting-edge roles that she has played in society over time. The woman is in her sixties and still going strong (and looking good) so she's someone worth noticing. And she always has been. One of the things that got Cher noticed in the past was her extensive collection of tattoos. Long before Angelina Jolie and Megan Fox were making trends with their tattoos, Cher was turning heads with the many different tattoos that she had on her body. Although Cher's tattoos were clearly of great significance to her at the time that she chose to get them, the years have passed and Cher doesn't have the attachment to those tattoos that she once did. Always one to be on the cutting edge, she is now reportedly undergoing celebrity tattoo removal. It is unclear whether Cher intends to remove every single one of the tattoos that she has on her body or if instead she is just getting rid of some (or most) of them. What is clear is that she is quietly going through the process of removing the tattoos that once gained her so much attention. Question of the Day: Which tattoos should Cher get celebrity tattoo removal for?

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