Celebrity Tattoo Removal: Charlie Sheen

It wasn't that long ago that we asked readers here on the site if they knew of any celebrity tattoo removal. After all, we hear a lot about which tattoos celebrities are getting but not so much about which ones are getting ink removed. Perhaps there's a new trend in the air because the news is hot right now with celebrity tattoo removal information about actor Charlie Sheen. Apparently, Sheen has thirteen different tattoos on his body and he's planning on getting laser tattoo removal to get rid of all of them. The reason? A woman, of course. His current fiancée, Brooke Mueller, is no fan of the body ink and she wants to see it gone. The first tattoo to go was the name of Sheen's former wife, Denise Richards. But the rest are going even though they don't directly relate to Sheen's previous relationship. They're from a time of life that doesn't include Brooke and she wants to see Sheen's body free of the past. Some might say that Sheen is bending over a little too far backwards to appease his new love. However, it probably doesn't hurt Sheen any to have the tattoos removed. After all, he doesn't even remember getting a few of them. The tumult of his relationships is probably far more painful that the tattoo removal will be. photo credit
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