Barbie Blunder

Yet another Barbie doll has been released that is causing a stir and outcry among concerned parents. The doll is said to look more edgy than the well-known preppy female. Barbie for years has been idolized by young girls around the world as an icon of perfection, so for many parents their is a concern and stigma against perfect barbie getting a tattoo. Some of the public outcry was reported in the Daily Express saying, "Parents have accused makers Mattel of dumbing down. One said: "What will they bring out next? Drug addict Barbie? Alcoholic Barbie? "If this leads girls to get a tattoo they might regret it for the rest of their lives." Mittel, who said the tattoos give children the chance to be creative, is selling the tattooed Barbies in America. The company has twice misjudged public reaction to new-look Barbies � once with an earlier tattooed version and once with a pregnant doll." If parents are still threatened by the prospect of a body-art clad Barbie, perhaps they should start considering the options for tattoo removal. But in all seriousness, removal treatments do exist and can erase parental concerns.

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