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How safe and effective is laser tattoo removal?

How safe is is laser tattoo removal? And does it remove the tattoo 100%?

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Replied on 1/10/2012

By: Clean Slate Tattoo Removal at Vein Specialties  |  Norman Bein, M.D.,FACS,RVT
Creve Coeur, MO

Laser tattoo removal is safe and effective. There are many items to consider: age of tattoo, location of tattoo, colors of ink involved, how many layers of ink, etc.
Tattoos are meant to be permanent, so removal is a process. There is no guarantee that a tattoo can be 100% removed.

Replied on 1/10/2012

By: Change of Art Laser Tattoo Removal  |  
Alexandria, VA

Laser tattoo removal is an effective and safe method of tattoo removal. Most clients do not develop any complications and get satisfactory results meaning most or all of the ink clears.
There are many factors that impact tattoo removal. A persons skin type, their general health and immune health, age and location of the tattoo, how deep the ink is applied into the skin, post treatment care, and time between sessions are all factors that impact removal.
There are risks associated with the procedure such as hypopigmenting, hyperpigmenting, scaring, incomplete removal of the tattoo, textural changes in the skin, infection, etc.
While there is no guarantee that a person will achieve complete removal, most clients experience significant fading and are satisfied with their results.
There may be a residual shadow following laser removal, but not everyone experiences this.
During your consultation, your health professional should inform you of all the potential outcomes, risks and benefits, and hopefully show you pictures of client outcomes with a similar skin type as yours, so you will have a realistic expectation of how laser tattoo removal may be for you.

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