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Tattoo Removal near Compton, CA (California)

Celibre Medical Corporation
23211 Hawthorne Blvd.
2nd Floor
Torrance, California 90505
Distance: 8.09 Miles
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Toll Free: 866-314-2831

Celibre Medical Corporation
431 South Batavia Street
Suite 202
Orange, California 92868
Distance: 21.81 Miles
Contact/Email Doctor
Toll Free: 866-530-9647

About Tattoo Removal

Laser tattoo removal works by producing pulses of light that pass through the layers of the skin and are absorbed by the tattoo pigment. The light pulses fracture the pigment, shattering it into smaller pieces which are later removed by the body's immune system. This procedure requires significant time for your body to fully remove the tattoo pigment which results in a gradual fading of the tattoo.  It can also require numerous spaced out treatments to fracture the pigment enough to have the body’s immune system fully remove it.

Laser tattoo removal can be compared to getting a tattoo as far as the pain scale goes.  People who have had laser tattoo removal describe the pain like tiny specks of hot grease are hitting their skin or even like a mild sunburn.

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