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Welcome Dr. Lauren Chavez, MD of Clearwaves Medical Laser Group in Albuquerque, NM welcomes Dr. Lauren Chavez, MD treating patients out of the Clearwaves Medical Laser Group clinic.  Located in Albuquerque, New Mexico, this medical clinic features a number of laser assisted skin care treatments which support the wellbeing of patients from all walks of life.  Treating patients in Albuquerque and beyond, Dr. Chavez focuses on laser tattoo removal and other forms of tattoo removal, depending on the tattoo and patient needs.  This clinic also features a number of of other laser treatment options, including laser hair removal, which is a popular cosmetic treatment option.

Dr. Chavez has been serving the state of New Mexico with her medical experience and concern for over 14 years.  Her practice and service to those seeking tattoo removal began over six years ago and prior to that she worked within the Emergency Medicine field.  As the founder and medical doctor of Clearwaves Medical Laser Group, Dr. Chavez has devoted her care and attention to patients seeking freedom from old and unwanted body art, and a number of other laser assisted cosmetic treatments.

Also serving the following cities near Albuquerque NM:
Albuquerque | Cedar Crest | Kirtland Air Force Base


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