Tattoo Removal History

Tattoo removal dates back to ancient Egypt; however in modern society, up until the last decade, tattoo removal was often painful and left unsightly scarring. This changed with the development of laser tattoo removal.

Laser tattoo removal began in earnest in the late 80s, when the development of ?pulsed? lasers made it plausible to perform medical procedures using lasers. The first procedures were performed using the Q-switched ruby laser. The ruby laser is more difficult to use on individuals with darker skin types, but it is still used today.

The introduction of the Q-switched neodymium: yttrium-aluminum-garnet laser (Nd: YAG) in 1991 helped the procedure become more common, due to the versatility and effectiveness of this particular laser. The Q-switched alexandrite and Candela pigmented lesion lasers made laser tattoo removal more versatile.

Today, laser tattoo removal is widely-performed, with centers all over the United States. Modern laser technology and healthcare professionals with decades of experience make laser tattoo removal an effective way to remove unwanted tattoos. It is now much easier to significantly fade or completely remove a tattoo. To find out how you may remove a tattoo, find a tattoo removal clinic near you and schedule a consultation.

By Staff
November 10, 2008

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