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Black-light Tattoos


One of the most discreet types of tattoos a person can get is a UV tattoo. Why? The tattoo only is visible under a black-light or UV light. To the naked eye in normal lighting, the skin appears normal with no ink at all. However, the UV ink has been put into question by some who believe the ink is not healthy. Some tattoo artists do not even carry the ink in their parlors.

"Statistically, there have been more reactions with UV tattoos than with normal tattoos. Sometimes the inks don't mix as well, and your body reacts against the foreign agents" reports the Columbia News Service.

The FDA has not approved the use of this UV ink on humans for tattoo purposes, and should be used with caution. For users who experience a negative reaction, removal is possible. Laser tattoo removal can break up this unique ink and remove the invisible tattoos from the skin.

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