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There are a variety of alternative treatments for tattoo removal for those who do not want to undergo the laser procedure. Nuviderm is an at-home product consumers can use to fade or remove their tattoos by themselves. The U.S. Local Business Association has recognized the product as one of the best in the field of tattoo removal.

One motivating factor driving consumers to use these products is unemployment. A Nuviderm representative told Eworldwide, "At a time when many people are losing their job, it is important to make a good first impression when interviewing for that new position. Nuviderm is proud to be able to offer an inexpensive tattoo removal technique for job hunters on a tight budget."

At-home treatments can also be painful and should be used with caution. Many at-home systems only fade the tattoo, not remove it completely. To save money, many use these treatments prior to laser removal to decrease the number of laser treatments needed.

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