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Washington Deploys Strict Tattoo Laws


The state of Washington has taken initiative to stiffen laws surrounding the
tattooing and piercing industry. The government passed a regulation that
forces tattoo artists to become licensed by the state. This comes on the
wake of many states in the US taking action towards tougher laws. Some have
deployed mandates that force parental permission, while some workplaces have
been telling employees to hide visible tattoos.

The Seattle Times said, "Body art, body piercing, and tattooing are not
currently regulated in Washington state. Under the new law, people and
businesses which pierce or tattoo would need a license. The measure also
requires the state Health Department to adopt rules about the sterilization
of needles and other instruments and jewelry used in body piercing or body
art, which includes the use of branding and scarification."

But even with all these regulations the tattoo industry is still booming, as
is the removal field.

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