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Health Tattoos


A large number of people have begun a new trend in the tattooing industry:
health related tattoos. Many people are tattooing the name and type of
disease they have in a visible spot in case one day in an event of an
emergency or accident people are aware of their medical condition.

The USA Today said, "There's a tattoo trend surfacing - one that could save
lives. Like it or not, a lot of people are resorting to this way of medical
identification," Aldasouqi says. "It's not that we (doctors) are promoting
it. It's more, 'What should we do about it?' It is happening."

Common tattoos are about diabetes. Many tattoo parlors and artists have said
they have seen an upsurge in such tattoo requests. This however may also
incite many people opting for tattoo removal, as there is a chance their
workplace will recommend removal of visible tattoos.

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