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Celebrity Tattoo Removal Candidate: Travis Barker

Although celebrity tattoo removal is increasingly popular, there have only been a few celebrities to date that have been open about removing their tattoos. For example, Charlie Sheen recently announced that he would be removing his tattoos so that his new lady love wouldn't have to be reminded about his sordid past every time that she looked at his body. But Sheen is the exception in a Hollywood that doesn't yet speak too openly about celebrity tattoo removal.

Despite the fact that more celebrities are getting tattoos than getting them removed, there are a number of famous people who might consider celebrity tattoo removal. They may not realize that they need it but the more tattoos that they get, the more they up their chances of someday wanting to get them removed. For example, Travis Barker (the drummer from celebrity band Blink 182) is apparently happy with his tattoos and isn't talking about removing them. However, the sheer number of art images that Barker has on his body increases the likelihood that one day he's going to take a look at them and think, "hm, perhaps I don't need all of this". At that time, laser tattoo removal might come to mind.

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