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Alyssa Milano Tattoos - Celebrity Tattoo Removal Candidate

Alyssa Milano has recently been getting a significant amount of media attention. She has been the subject of celebrity plastic surgery news for what appears to be her love for Botox injections. And Details Magazine did a full feature article on her, discussing the reasons that men can't get her out of their dirty minds. Part of Alyssa's appeal is that she strikes that terrific balance between being a "good girl" and a "bad girl".

Milano's tattoos are a testimony to her ability to maintain that balance. Despite the fact that tattoos have increased in popularity among the mainstream, they still tend to signify a bit of that "bad girl" side in most people's minds. And Alyssa has a significant number of tattoos which helps boost that bad girl image. However, these tattoos are all feminine and meaningful which help her retain that youthfully innocent demeanor she occasionally manages to pull off.

So what makes her a candidate for celebrity tattoo removal? The sheer number of tattoos that this gal has gotten makes them rather distracting. People love to see the slight glance at the tattoo which peeks out over the top of her low-rise jeans or which emerges from behind the wings of an angelic dress. But they don't particularly love seeing a tattoo at every turn that she makes. Alyssa seems to love her tattoos and to have gotten them for a reason so she isn't considering celebrity tattoo removal at the current time. But if one day the guys finally get her out of their minds, she might be able to re-boost that allure by giving laser tattoo removal a try.

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